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Patrick will take you through a comprehensive case history and examination process, which will include a personal history, postural and movement assessment and physical examination, if any special tests are required such as an x ray that will be arranged during the consultation.

From the information gathered a diagnosis and treatment plan will be established. The treatment will be guided by the diagnosis and treatment plan and will not only focus on the affected area but also any associated areas that are contributing to your condition.

The types of techniques that are employed during a treatment will vary depending on the individual needs and can include:

  • Soft tissue massage and acupressure to release tight muscles.
  • Joint mobilisation and manipulation to restore joint mobility and free entrapped nerves.
  • Muscle energy technique and counter strain to restore normal muscle and tendon length.
  • Cranial Osteopathy to reduce tension on cranial structures and restore normal movement of the central nervous system
  • Functional techniques to assist with normalising respiration and circulation.
  • Myo-fascial release to improve fascial tension.
  • Dry needling and meridian needling for muscle and nerve irritation and restoring normal movement
  • Pilates based rehabilitation for postural strengthening and injury rehabilitation
  • Postural and Ergonomic advice
  • Herbal supplements and dietary advice

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